The Association of Asian Constitutional Courts and Equivalent Institutions is an Asian regional forum for constitutional justice established in July 2010 to promote the development of democracy, rule of law and fundamental rights in Asia by increasing the exchanges of information and experiences related to constitutional justice and enhancing cooperation and friendship between institutions exercising constitutional jurisdiction.

The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Türkiye is a member of the Association of Asian Constitutional Courts and Equivalent Institutions (AACC) since 2012. The Constitutional Court also hosts one of the three Permanent Secretariats of the AACC under the Center for Training and Human Resources Development (CTHRD). The main activity of the Center is to organize academic programs on a yearly basis addressing mid-level judges/lawyers of constitutional/supreme courts/councils. In this framework, the Center plays a vital role in the achievement of the AACC’s objectives by fostering cooperation and exchanges of experiences and information among AACC members by organizing summer schools since 2013. While the first Summer School was attended by a number of courts from Asia, the participants of the program expanded over the years thanks to the growing interest of the member courts/councils of the AACC as well as guest courts from around the world. The last Summer School in 2021 included representatives of twenty-seven courts/councils from Africa, Asia, and Europe.

In addition to Summer Schools, the CTHRD plans to organize capacity enhancement trainings, peer-to-peer meetings, roundtable discussions by which constitutional practitioners might obtain, improve, and retain the knowledge, tools and other resources needed to perform their judicial duties with greater capacity.